Our People

Shea Abbott - CEO

As CEO Shea Abbott prioritizes measurable social impact alongside financial sustainability, balancing mission-driven goals with operational efficiency. He builds relationships with other non-profits, government agencies, and private sector partners to amplify impact and resources. As well as, Communicates effectively with the media to promote the organization's work and garner support for its mission.

Jamie Quinnelly - Chairman

As board Chairman, Jamie Quinnelly directs the Bay To Bay Foundation and is responsible for leading our organization, and ensuring that it fulfills it's mission. Jamie works closely with the organization's strategic direction, and also oversee the organization's finances, fundraising, and programs.

Michelle Robinson - Secretary

The Bay to Bay Foundation mission inspires Michelle! With over 20 years of experience as an educator, coach, staff developer, program/project manager, and grant professional with Pinellas County Schools, Michelle has a passion for helping Pinellas County students most in need. She has over 10 years of experience as a grant professional, generating multi-million revenues for programs and services through timely submission of well researched, written, and documented federal, state and foundation grant proposals. When she is not hustling to ensure we have the intended impact, she is living the Florida lifestyle.

Amanda McGowan -Executive Secretary

As executive secretary to the Bay To Bay Foundation's organization. Amanda McGown is a key member of our team. By providing administrative and organizational support to the Chairman and Board of Directors. Amanda plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of our organization and the achievement of its mission.

Harold Hale - Treasurer

Harold Hale’s career of more than 40 years in finance management began with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Virginia Commonwealth University. Moving swiftly into the business world, Harold served for 14 years as Executive Vice President of Finance & Operations for Overton and Associates of Westminster, Maryland, a Turnkey design-build construction firm renovating and building facilities for financial institutions in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Following his tenure with Overton, Harold served in a series of high-level finance and management positions with operating companies of Taylor Corporation. Harold served as Senior Vice President and CFO of Marketing Communication, Inc. of Lake Mary, Florida, a startup with multiple facilities. He was responsible for the Accounting, IT, Purchasing and HR Departments. During his time as Senior Vice President of Progress Communication International of Lake Mary, Harold generated new business leads, oversaw customer service, and developed a web-based products channel for newsletters, postcards, and inserts. Harold also served as Chief Financial Officer of ThinkDirect Marketing Group, Inc., of Largo, Florida, a portfolio company of Blackstreet Capital. Harold was responsible for Accounting, Human Resources, IT, and Training, among other functions. Harold improved the financial performance and cash flow for the Company, which was in turnaround at the time, through his work in budgeting, business planning, and the creation of new policies and procedures. Today, Harold’s talents and skills in raising capital and maintaining consistent cash flow are in great demand. He is a partner with the The Florida CFO Group, providing of providing fractional and interim CFO services to companies that desire financial leadership. As such, he served as CFO for companies such as ProV International, PlateSmart Technologies and Protect My Car. Harold was also nominated in 2015 as Tampa Bay Business Journal CFO of the Year. One of Harold’s mantras is that those who have reaped the benefits of our society should make efforts to assist, volunteer and give back to those who are in need. Hence his involvement with Bay to Bay Foundation. Harold is also an active member of the Rotary Club of Seminole Lakes.